The 15.92 Hotel is a building characterized by a contemporary structure, both for the outside shape and the inside desėgn. The lameliar wooden roofing (whose curvature gives the name te the Hotel) and the materials, user for the inside trimmings, such as glass, resin, and industrial wengč, reveal a particularly minimalist style of the strutture. Taking a short walk inside, we are stuck by the attention the designers gave to the study of iĖghts that is attuned to the high-design items and furniture. The two architects Fabio Bardelle and Fiavio Bucci's task has been advised by Nicola Daddario and Luana Minchio who are the Hotel's administrators, both belonging to families who have been working in hotel trade far a Iong time.

Here you can be “guest and host” at the same time
The true design is refined in details that are everywhere at the 15.92 Hotel. There are 15 rooms:

Double room, living room, in a essential and stylish design, two bathrooms covered with resin and a wide terrace.
Double room in a minimalist style, with a design furniture, a wengč floor, a bathroom covered with resin, and an indipendent terrace.
double rooms and single rooms with French beds
These rooms are also provided with: TV LCD (satelliter dish), fridge-bar, air conditioning, telephone, wireless Internet connection.
The technology is perfecty integrated with the minimalist context.
If you want to relax and purify your body, the Hotel offers you a Finnish Sauna which is a natural remedy to get your health better: all the impurities are removed and your skin gets a healthier, smoother and more elastic appearance. The Sauna is made of a wood of very quality that exhales the typical fragrance of resin, evoking images which capture your thoughts and take them through peaceful lake landscapes and green northern woods.